DAFNE e-Summer School took place in August 2020

DAFNE e-Summer School took place in August 2020

In August 2020 the DAFNE e-Summer School on the water-energy-food nexus took place in an interactive digital format.

More than 120 students and practitioners from universities and organisations all around the world registered and gained access to an extensive video lectures course prepared by the DAFNE partners. The course consists of 30 video units that address, explain and give practical examples of the DAFNE approach and methodology, the models developed and used during the project, as well as the different decision-suporting tools and processes that came as a result of the project.

Between 24-26 August all e-summer school participants were invited to a series of interactive Q&A sessions with the DAFNE partners to address topics and questions that emerged for them while watching the video lectures. 35 active participants from Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America joined the Q&A sessions and discussed diverse nexus related issues.

We are thankful to everyone for their time and committed participation!

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